(a) ARES Technologies Return Policy.

At Customer’s expense, Customer may return a unit within the first 30 days after purchase, provided that: (i) Customer informs ARES Technologies in writing of Customer’s intent to return the unit and (ii) Customer obtains a merchandise authorization (“RMA”) number issued by ARES Technologies. Such return will constitute a Customer Refund Claim. All returned units will be inspected by ARES Technologies for compliance with ARES Technologies’s RMA Requirements (defined below). Customer acknowledges and agrees that any returned unit not meeting RMA Requirements will result the denial of Customer’s Refund Claim in its entirety. The return of any unit without Customer’s notification of return or without the issuance of an RMA will be an Unauthorized Return. Unauthorized Returns will neither give rise to a Customer Refund Claim nor Warranty Claim. All units that are returned as an Unauthorized Return will be held for no more than 45 days after ARES Technologies’s receipt of such unit. ARES Technologies reserves the right to maintain possession of any unauthorized returned unit, if after 45 days of ARES Technologies’s receipt of the unit, Customer neither arranges with ARES Technologies, (under terms satisfactory to ARES Technologies in its sole discretion), nor obtains an RMA for such unit from ARES Technologies.


(b) Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Requirements. Returned units must be in original condition and must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

Electrical parts are tested prior to purchase and if returned, all units will be inspected for burned components, physical damage and water damage. Returns will be processed in the order received and may have a greater handling time than order processing. The lifetime warranty and/or Customer’s Refund Claim shall be void if an item is returned with any signs of:

(a) burned components. 

(b) physical and/or water damage. 

(c) misuse, abuse, modifications, opened, tampered with, and/or used for any purpose not originally intended. 

(d) vehicle is involved in a collision. 

(e) security seal is removed, broken and/or damaged. 

Whether a unit is free of defect shall be determined by ARES Technologies in its sole discretion.

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